Monday, February 2, 2009

#5. The Pattermaster by Ocatavia Butler

I just finished this one on Saturday morning, while I was visiting friends in Boston and had a little bit of time. Again, really liked it. It was really different, but it was definitely something I would expect from Butler. This was a story about a population of people so evolved that they communicated mostly telepathically, and that was also how they fought each other. The hierarchy was very interesting in this book, because your status was almost entirely based on your mental strength; the stronger you are mentally, the higher your status. The characters were able to heal themselves using their minds, and kill thousands of people at the same time just by thinking about it in a certain way. I loved how the story worked together, and the twist in the end was so unexpected, but it made the tale end so nicely that it made me really appreciate her storytelling ability that much more. And this was another one that gave you hints that this was just the future of our own lives; this could be the way that the human race evolves. I, for one, think its really cool and hope we manage to last long enough for this possibility to become a reality.

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