Tuesday, February 3, 2009

#6 He's Just Not That Into You, Greg Behrendt

I picked up this book not realizing that it was a self-help book. I do not, as a general rule, read self help books, because I generally don't need help on anything that I need to read a book to fix. But I picked this one up mostly because the movie looks like its going to be funny, and I wanted to read the book based on that thought. Alas, a self-help book it is.
Despite that fact, it is pretty good. Mostly just Mr. Behrendt telling the female readers that they are beautiful, smart, amazing, attractive, and most of all worthy of being asked out by a man. He was constantly driving home that point that if a man really wants you, he will want to pursue you, and he won't be a jerk to you. He will want to see you, be near you, date you, call you, and have sex with you. Man want to get what they want, and they also like the chase, so if they really like you and want you, they will ask you out, date you, call you, no matter how scared or shy or nervous they are. So all these reasons, or excuses that women use to explain men's behavior is silly and does us no good at all, and mostly just makes us suffer more than we should.
I was amazed to discover that I learned a few things from this book. I have decided that I am perfectly happy being single, and waiting for that guy who really wants me to ask me out, and I am willing to wait as long as I need. Patience and lots and lots of confidence are key.


  1. I don't like to read self-help books on relationships and female-male interactions. I like other self-help books but not this particular area. Your review however made me at least consider reading this one, if it ends up in my hands i might just give it a try.

  2. I would like to at least read the movie version of this book. I'm not too much in the self help either cause I feel like I know the answers anyway I just need to apply them, like we all do...