Monday, February 9, 2009

#8 Jemima J, by Jane Green

I just finished this a few minutes ago. I don't have too much to say about this one. It was cute at times, pretty funny and witty, thanks to the switches in perspective from first person to third, but with the kind of expected happy ending.
Jemima Jones is fat, lets be blunt. She's unhappy in life, work, and love. She is totally "butt-crazy-in-love" ( as Cher from Clueless would say) with Ben Williams, her colleague at the Kilbern Herald, but he doesn't look at her like that at all. Ben sees her as a nice girl, but probably won't ever see her in a romantic light. At her job, which she is really, really good at, she is stuck writing something that is well below her skill level, and the only time she gets to really flex her talents is when she rewrites her friend's column every week, all of this mostly because she is not slim and gorgeous. She then discovers internet dating.... and ta da, she meets someone online who she thinks she might like; when he suggests they meet, even though he lives in Los Angelos, and she lives in London, she starts to think about taking it seriously. She joins a gym right then and starts exercising like crazy and manages to lose nearly one hundred pounds in about 7 months. All sorts of craziness ensues, but in the end, fate smiles on Jemima for just about the first time, and she and Ben end up together, finally! Cute book. Nothing totally amazing, but cute.


  1. I've wanted so badly to read a book by this author, but never had the time. I might be able to squeeze it in this year.

  2. She's pretty witty, and I really did like the switched in POV. I guess they quickened the pace, and it also allowed me (the reader) to get inside every character's head and see what was important. You'll probably like her books, whatever you read from her catalog.