Monday, January 12, 2009

I meant to have finished A Room of One's Own already, but I just wanted to sleep last night, and could not make myself stay up and read. There was also a doggy trying to sleep with me in my very small bed, and I think that had something to do with it. Anyway, I'm almost half way done with it, so I should finish it by tonight. I see if I can get something up tomorrow about it. I also started to read Madame Bovary this past weekend. I haven't gotten very far in to that one yet, but as soon as I finish the Woolf, I will get more serious about that one.
So far, I really like A Room of One's Own. She's a feminist, but not a femi-nazi, as some people like to say. She does write a lot about the unfairness of the time period; women were not allowed to go into fields where they could earn decent money, were only given menial kinds of jobs. The money that women could earn was given over to their husbands to do what they wanted with it. She also talks about how difficult it is to write intellectually when you have to work to survive. Hard work seems to drain the intelligence out of one, so that you no longer have genius ideas if you once had them, or you are just so tired from toiling or hungry from lack of food, that you don't want to think about anything other than your empty stomach, or your nice warm bed (if you managed to have one like that.) I tend to agree with her on that. She also knew from experience; Woolf had to work odd jobs to live in her earlier years. She was a kindergarten teacher, a sometime reporter, and she read to an elderly lady for a time, among other things. She was lucky enough to have an aunt pass away and leave her 500 pounds a year for the rest of her life, so she no longer had to worry about working.
Okay, thats it for now, till I actually finish the book. Probably tomorrow, but we'll see.

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