Monday, June 29, 2009

Endless Nights by Neil Gaiman

This was my very first Gaiman graphic novel and it was odd/good. This novel is a collection of stories about Dream, Despair, Death, Destiny, Delight, Desire, who are all god like creatures; except they're not the gods of anything, they just are the thing. My favorites were probably Dream, Desire, and Destiny. The artwork in all the chapters was amazing, mostly straightforward in the first chapters, towards the end very frenetic and chaotic. I loved how the art all matched perfectly with the story, which seems like it might have been difficult, considering the wide ranges of the stories and the six differnt artists, but it all flowed nicely, even the more chaotic chapters.
I'm biased though; everything that Neil Gaiman does is great. He is superbly imaginative, thoughtful with his characters and stories, and there is always more to his writing than meets the eye.

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