Friday, April 24, 2009

B is for Beer by Tom Robbins

I just finished this book today, and it was pretty funny. There is this little girl named Gracie, and she is very curious about beer. So she asks her mom about it. Her mom tells her to go ask her dad. She proceeds to ask her dad, but being the asshole he is, he isn't really paying attention to her, so her very nice Uncle Moe tells her all about it.
Gracie is only 5 years old, almost 6, so she does what all kids do: She repeats what she is told about beer to her Sunday school class, getting herself thrown out of class by her puritanical teacher. After a number of bad things happen to Gracie, she finds out for herself what beer does to you, then meets the Beer Fairy, who tells Gracie the secrets and mysteries of the beverage that addicts and gratifies so many adults all over the world.
This is definitely a cute book, with lots of witty little bits about beer and human behavior. I'd recommend it.

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