Monday, March 16, 2009

#17. World War Z by Max Brooks

Hmm, how to start talking about book that revolves around the zombie apocalypse.
To start, I thought it was brilliant. For some reason, when I borrowed this book from a friend, I thought it was going to be funny, mostly because the author is Mel Brook's son. Then I started to read it, and found out the truth.
There are accounts of the attacks, and outbreaks, from all over the world. That means that you can see how a lot of varying cultures weathered the outbreaks (or didn't), and you can really see how each of them reacted differently according to their leadership. Israel isolated themselves by literally building a wall to keep out infected people, even using dogs to sniff out infection. South Africa led the way in a certain policy that included using part of their own population to distract the zombies from following a "chosen group" of their population to a safe location. That was considered a cruel option, but it seemed be used in multiple countries, which was interesting.
It was amazing how realistic the descriptions were from the varying countries. It was also astounding to me how some of the countries refused to let go of hostilities in the crisis facing the world. These hostilities actually led to a nuclear exchange between two countries that normally are not enemies.
This is a definite must read for everyone. Even if you don't like zombie books or movies, you'll like this!!!!

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